P.O. Box 426, Moose Lake, MN 55767 218-485-0478 Craig or Honey Blacklock


Blacklock Nature Sanctuary (BNS) was founded by nature photographer, Les Blacklock, his wife, Fran Blacklock, their son, Craig and daughter-in-law, Nadine Blacklock (also both nature photographers). The goal was to protect wild land east of Moose Lake Minnesota from development, and make it accessible to the public, but more specifically, to artists and writers. For many years BNS, together with grants from the Jerome Foundation, provided creative people with residential retreats from a week to a month long. When funds for that program dried up, BNS focused its attention on the land preservation portion of the mission.

BNS has purchased some land with the idea of retaining ownership, and other land with the purpose of protecting it through conservation easements with the Minnesota Land Trust, then re-selling it. Retaining ownership ties up funds, and requires payment of property taxes, BNS’s largest expense. The ultimate goal is to have most of BNS’s land near Moose Lake added to the Moose Lake State Park, which is near by.